ARRANGED LOVE - What, Why, and for Whom?

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 11:19 — parulmittal
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I never thought I would write a book, leave aside a second one. But then they say, "ek baar chaska lag jaye to ..."

I was enjoying the responses and praise mails from Heartbreaks and Dreams - readers and fans. For last 2 years, almost every week I would get a mail asking what happened to Tanu after she left IIT? Whom did she marry? Is Champ your husband? (BTW, once in a while I do get a hate mail too :) The book has sold over 20000 copies in last 2 years - a good enough number for a first time author.

So I made up my mind to write my second novel. I knew I wanted to bring back Tanu and give my first book's readers an insight into her future. Yet, I didn't want to so a in a sequel. I wanted some new characters and new life in the book. I asked around my friends and fans and they wanted a mix of corporate romance, love story, a lot of humour, and some saas-bahu angle too.

I asked around people on what their views on arranged marriage Vs love marriage were and the diversity of responses I got, convinced me that this was going to be the central theme in my book. I was also shocked when I realized how the current youth is experimenting with sex and how "sex comes after love" has become an old-age saying.

How do you know if someone is the Mr/Ms right for you?

Is their a soul-mate for everyone?

Do arranges marriages work better in Indian societies?
Is current generation putting too much emphasis on random experimental sex and loosing out on the real meaning of love?
Is love a commodity in today's Internet market?

ARRANGED LOVE tries to address all these pertinent issues in a subtle, humorous way. It is a fun-filled, current generation, racy romance novel that will tickle you and at the same time set your thinking. For those of you who wanted to see Tanu, she does make a comeback in ARRANGED LOVE - how and where - read the book to find out.


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