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Though most of the girls were in Salwaars, I dont think Shorts were totally non existent 15 years back...Id say about 40% of the girls did wear shorts in Kailash as well :)
I havent read your book to say , maybe Tanu does fall in the 60%.

I visited Kailash & Himadri about 4 years after I left the hostels. The change was obvious...Himadri was constructed much later, newer hostel, better toilets and a laundry there.... When i saw the washing machines there, could not help but laugh at the memories of the Dhobeejee and the piles of clothes he used to have. I dont think he ever kept a tab of how many you gave, it was always estimates...who knows who made profit !

Kailash - it seemed did have PA system.

Mohan Singh ji was still there in Kailash in 2000, I even was fortunate to have a lunch in the mess....After 4 years the food tasted delicious ! Rooms still looked the same (from the outside).
Of course what went ON inside was engraved in my memories..... :)


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