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Arranged Love is a light read, racy novel by Parul A. Mittal, a best-selling author, published by Penguin Metro Reads.

This teaser video is a peak into the key question that the book raises: Who Do you Marry? More importantly, who chooses it for you - you or your parents?

You can buy the book from Flipkart

Meet the characters of the novel and the cast who acted them in this trailer, in their order of appearance in the video:

Suhaani, the main protagonist or heroine of the novel, is a romantic girl who wants to marry the guy she loves, rather than love the guy she marries. She is also very confused about how to decide who is her Mr. Right?
Acted by Misha Khurana.

Neha, Suhaan's childhood friend, is a serial guy switcher. She believes in taking a test drive of 200 men before settling down on the guy of her choice.
Acted by Shreya Rajpal

Suhaani's mom is a Farmville addict and a staunch believer of arranged marriages for her daughter. She also wants her son-in-law to know Hanuman Chalisa.
Acted by Deepti Pant.

Jay - Suhaani's sexy Indian American boyfriend. He has no idea what is Hen-o-men Charlisa. He thinks it is about Charlie and Lisa from the comedy show Two and a half men.
Acted by Tarun Kumar

Suhaani's dad is the most cool dad you can find. He shares a very close and open relationship with Suhaani. He loves to play guitar and is confident that Deep, a young guy he met in his guitar class, is the right choice for Suhaani.
Acted by Rajeev Mittal

Deep - An arranged suitor from Suhaani's dad's guitar class. He is intelligent, has a sexy voice and is the unofficial sex guru at office.
Acted by Abhishek Bhukal

Sanjeev - Suhaani's colleague. A simple guy who is looking to marry someone he knows rather than an unknown face.
Acted by Akshat Choudhary

Madhuri Dixit - Suhaani's colleague. A Bollywood buff. Her life is a series of movie dialogue and songs. She believes in practical pyaar and not eternal mohabbat.
Acted by Yoshita Agarwal

Tanu Di - Suhaani's cousin who is a successful business woman. She acts as the bridge between two generations. She loved and lost.
Acted by Pooja Goyal

Director - Deepti Pant
Script & Dialogues - Vipul Maheshwari, Vasu Primlani and Parul A. Mittal
Cast - Misha Khurana, Shreya Rajpal, Yoshita Agarwal, Abhishek Bhukal, Akshat Choudhary, Tarun Kumar, Pooja Goyal, Rajeev Mittal & the ever versatile Deepti Pant.


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Parul Mittal (maiden name Parul Agarwal) is the author of a national bestseller novel “Heartbreaks & Dreams! – The Girls @ IIT”. Her second book “Arranged Love” captured the hearts of Indian youth. Let's Have Coffee is her third novel and promises to be a humorous and fun light read.

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