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Wed, 07/16/2014 - 09:15 — parulmittal

The breeze was so nice today that I really wanted to forgo my morning walk. When my walking partner didn't turn up, I rather willingly dumped the idea of the walk, changed out of my shoes and sat down in my balcony with a hot cup of tea to enjoy the lovely breeze with the newspaper.
The headlines instantly gripped my attention. Modi was telling China's President Xi that if China and India could resolve their disputes along a 4000 km long shared border, then we could set an example for the entire world for peaceful co-existence. Given the size of two countries and a combined population of 2.5 billion (the whole world's population is about 7.X billion), when China and India meet, the whole world watches. Well if you got the attention of 1/3rd of the world anyway, right?
Combined with the news that India got the Presidency on the BRICS New Development Bank, which is to be located in Shanghai, it made me a proud Indian. Something within me said that those wanting Modi sarkar were perhaps right.
Right below the BRICS presidency news was the news about removing the 1200+ "silent killers". Well. these are no rapists although rapists do qualify as silent killers and I wish we could purge this world from them. The sillent killers being talked about were numerous small, unneccessary, "MP stops" that the Indian trains stopped at causing a whopping loss of over a crore every day. Definitely a positive strp to save Indian Railways and country's economy. I am not sure about the whole India's future, but at least the highlighted news today seemed promising.
The last news that caught my attention, before I stopped reading the paper any further and started writing this piece, was about some real funny thefts in South Delhi. I immediately connected with the news as I was born and brought up in Green Park area. These thieves dug up a tunnel under a manhole so as to steal the underlying copper wires, disrupting the telephone and Internet connectivity in the entire South Delhi area, leaving even the ACP and police station telephone lines dead. They dug these tunnels over several nights leaving the manhole covered during the day so no one noticed anything wrong. They even dressed up as MTNL employees and used the municpality truck to help remove and carry the stolen cables. This peice actually left me rolling on my sides and my maid wondering if there was anything wrong with me.
Overall, today's newspaper left me feeling positive and made me laugh. I can't say that for very many things, leave aside the daily newspaper.


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