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Hi Parul,

I am almost half way through your book....and I am mostly enjoying it..coming from the first time author, its a fairly good read.

Any girl can easily relate to Tanu and guys get an insight of woman mind (atleast some of it:-) ).

However, the characters are getting bit confussing for me, I am not sure which gal is after which guy and vice versa, LOL. Might be as I proceed with the book I will get a clarity. Also, what I personally feel is that the intelligence of IIT guys.. and gals... has been grossly overrated.. In the first ten pages itself it has been emphasised for atleat a dozen times. Super Genius, topper, and adjectives like that have been used again and again which kind of becomes a drag after a while. This is actually an issue with most of the IIT folks who think they are super humans, which I am afraid is not entirely true.

All said and done, it can very easily be seen that the words are coming from your heart, Tanu's interaction with her Dad is really moving, the way small town girl gets adjusted in IIT, her initial hesitation with the guys is so honest, the way Tanu makes her place in the college is really inspiring, for gals, as well as for guys.

I wish you all the luck and am definetely looking forward for more reads from you,

Dark Angel


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