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Hmmm... ideas... there are

Hmmm... ideas... there are quite a few.. but i'l be expecting somethin different from u..
u know, cuz.. for instance in HAD, the female central character is not like the eye candy as such. She has her good points n a few drawbacks too... the same goes with other central characters too.. the flaws are all there... I have read a lot of novels n this is wat stood out in yours especially since this was yur debut. Most of the debut novels are like typical cliched bollywood sagas which are predictable n honestly, very bugging... yurs wasn n that was good.
and you're gonna get better.. i know.. :) trust me ;)
my God am blabbering....
anyways hows yur kids.. yur husband n is yurs a love story too...? *din't wanna intrude just plane curious*

*cranky thought* - *have you tried reading chapters from HAD for them on their bedtime.. :P*



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