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Parul Mittal (maiden name Parul Agarwal) is the author of a national bestseller novel “Heartbreaks & Dreams! – The Girls @ IIT”. Her second book “Arranged Love” captured the hearts of Indian youth. Let's Have Coffee is her third novel and promises to be a humorous and fun light read.

What people are saying

Rajiv Garg reviewed this on Flipkart.

The author has not only grown literally but has evolved since last best seller HEARTBREAKS AND DREAMS. From the very first page a different treatment is given to seemingly adult subject. The body can be covered by a dress but the mental nakedness has been creatively dealt. The heights in the book besides deft narration touches "having sex versus making love, perpetuation of caste system through arrange marriage and prehistoric virginity values." Beautifully dealt idolized love of Tanu, Neha's seeking totality through multiple relationships and majorly confused young generation seeking reaffirmation of emotions.

The character of the father should have been explored more and supposedly generation gap myth to be addressed.

We would love to have the author explore the issues of other professions like medical/creative artist in forth coming novels.

The author has once again reasserted dexterity in conceptualising, weaving chronologically the narration with contemporary words and expressions. The emotional traumas have been dealt with a problem solving approach.

A great emotional thriller.

Madam, i v jus 1 question 2 ask in dis f/b i.e. "Wat u hv given 2 d readers through ur 1st Novel?" i m askin in general and in perspective of "Everyone". . . . .

A fantastic book ever I read........

Hii Parul,

Just finished reading " Heatbreaks & Dreams" and I'm glad that I trusted my instincts & picked up your book. Its refreshing to read things from girls perspective. I never knew how girls think n react to the different kinds of every day obstacles they face & deal with heartbreaks especially since I do not have any friends from the opposite sex. I loved the characters & the backdrop of IIT-D was interesting especially when told from girls perspective. I read this book at a stage where I think i'm losing focus on life and thankfully tanu's character provides me with enough motivation to pull myself from the brink of hopelessness and stay focussed on goals of life with out missing the zing factor of life.
I must admit I felt sad for Sukhi's character & if this episode indeed take place in your college life then it is heart breaking to know that a young talent got nipped in the bud & being a guy I admit it is not at all easy dealing with a heart break since I believe guys are more emotional than girls. I wish you all the best for your next book and hopefully you write another book continuing with these same characters and tell us what happened in tanu's life from there on.


hi, dear mam. i am reading your novel hearts, break and dreams. this novel is much better than other novel. good work mam. thank you mam.

Dear Author,
Its a nice work..simply not a love story...tells many thing about iit life..struggle..
I can feel your heart break as I suffered the such cases some one many think of why he /she tried for iit...

My life saw a same kind of tragedy...then I thought why I wasted so much time in studying before after iit exams..It seems that people in this stretch dont respect the personality ,,just matters the glimmer and show off ...No body understands the feeling of true love in the fashionable world...

Good read..the iit story from a girl's perspective
discovering true love among sea of boys
loved the humour and adventure

still does the pre mobile email era had ipods???
pg 110 n 134

a bold attempt which can be enjoyed by girls (and boys) alike

waiting for your next venture...

hi mam,
i just finished reading ur book it is really a nice book some parts of it are really good but it leaves me with a bit of confusion and sadness . the end seems incomplete like ur business plans how did you executed them and what about champ what happend between u and him, i m really curious to know about that if u could ans. all these questions i would like to know .

Dear Parul,
Reading "Heartbreaks & Dreams" was a fantastic experience. The plot was engaging and so, were the characters. As stated in the acknowledgement, the story turns out to be Female version of Five Point Someone. Also, Divya's character reminded me of Ryan from FPS. Please Keep Up with the good work... :-)

i just happened to pass by your book......i never thought i was going to complete your book in two days...the most important thing which i liked about your book is that it doesnt portray tanu in all the problems...

the friendship n everythn is jus superbly portrayed...i really liked ur book.........thnku for givin us such a beautiful book.

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