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Parul Mittal (maiden name Parul Agarwal) is the author of a national bestseller novel “Heartbreaks & Dreams! – The Girls @ IIT”. Her second book “Arranged Love” captured the hearts of Indian youth. Let's Have Coffee is her third novel and promises to be a humorous and fun light read.

What people are saying

Hi Parul, I finished reading your wonderful wonderful debut novel two days ago and I am still mesmerized by the escapades of Tanu and Tanu...eagerly looking forward to the next book when Tanu Champ and her IIT friends are together again to tell another wonderful story. It leaves a beautiful "taste in the heart" wanting for more....what makes it more special as it was set in a time when there were no emails cell phones and isd and std rates were really high.

The novel was just 'bout ur stay @ IIT. It didn't sound typical bt I luvd reading it coz 'twas writn by a women. Trust Me by Rajashree is better than urs, I'd say, although the subject was very different. couldn't really get wt u wntd 2 say by ur novel.. it was gud readng ur buk & i managed to finish it in a night bt i think dat u cud hv writn it better wid some humour.
jst 2 let u noe that i'm ambitious as u and see myself in u. 'twas just 6 hrs it took u to be gud enuf 4 a role model. well, to let u noe that i'm seventeen and a writer! i'm preparing 4 JEE in Kota, Rajasthan.

Hi, Ragini,i mean parul. Iam your biggest, greatest fan. i like your action so much.
i want to see you in more serials as leading heroine. Biddai is copleted, so what is your next project.dont go away from the serial pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
finally please remember that afan sorry greatest biggest fan is waiting for your serial.

Hello Parul,
I was just moving around one of the "CROSSWORD" stores in pune and saw your book "Heartbreaks & Dreams". i finished it within a week and found it very interesting.
"Tanu,Divya,Charu,Puja",these character were very much realistic and i could able to link up those with my real friends,with very few books i experienced such kind of feeling.
so,all the best for the next book.i will be eagerly waiting for the next one.

Nilesh Pathak.

do u know chetan bhagat ?

Dear Ms Parul

Read your maiden book. It is really very well written.The storyline has a flow. All the characters seem so real.When they are upset the reader feels for them. All along it took me to my college days.
In a way it is little better than Five Point Someone because that book had a lot of frank sexual content but you have mentioned it very discretely & ethically. It can be gifted to our sons & daughters without any hesitation. I wish that it may be read by many more people & made into a movie soon.BTW don't sell the right too cheap.


PS: Being a girl, why not write a book taking a hint from Divya's character. She is an intelligent,bold & an extrovert girl but Saurabh uses her. It is happening all around us. Girls are being exploited in the name of love.Remember girls are the ones who loose everything in a broken relationship especially when it has led to sex. As the leading Psychastrist Dr Sanjay Chugh says that boy loves a girl to have sex & girl has sex to get his love.

Dear M'am
I read your book, well... It was one of those books which I like the most. The initial part
is very touchable and well balanced in all aspect. I like.... the way you live your dreams
through the IIT is marvelous.
I like the way how you cop up with each and every situation in life.
The end part gathers each & every relationship beautifully.
Just Keep on doing so.

I read the book in 6 hours…and enjoyed reading it. It was quiet interesting and hence end to end in 6 hours!! The book was ‘real’ and brought alive days from any hostler or collegian…pressure of studies, laws of attraction…heartburns and heartaches.
It had a tinge of everything romance, tragedy (Sukhi’s end, Champ’s wedding), humor (I burst out laughing when Tanu plays devils advocate as a divorce lawyer and the effect is opposite…pool side description).

Too good for a debut! I am looking forward to more. Wishing you the best and hoping you will continue to write.


Dear Parul,

I am Rajesh(from Pondicherry, currently residing in Delhi).

I read "Heartbreaks and Dreams" last weekend. This is my first fiction novel I have read. And the first book I have read in a single day. I liked certain chapters (perhaps of my nature and liking, I liked it most than others) 1. The Mumbai beach scene where Tanu walks on the footprints of Champ in the seashore - I definitely felt the softness and crushing sound of the sand (which has dried after Champ stepped). More than that the warmth she had. {If it happens like that to me (in some other form) I would be happyJ} 2. And the way the Champ proposed in India Gate - Imagining the walk in Rajpath the yellow light on both sides of the road amidst the mist (which doesn’t let you see the person in the opposite) in winter would have been the best platform to propose (especially in 1994), it was like proposing on a dusk or a dawn in Dal Lake in Srinagar(which I am having in mind for the better half J).

And BTW, let me introduce myself. I am Rajesh. We met in Aricent, Gurgoan on 2-July-2010, Friday. I asked you a question who would be the actress you would prefer to do the role of Tanu. (Your choice was Deepika Padukone). However in my humble opinion my choice would be (National Award Winner) Priyamani who could bring all the emotions very well. (Do consider :-) . I hope you know Priyamani, if not she has recently acted as sister of Abishek Bachan in Raavan. (Acted in National Award Tamil film Paruthiveeran – Recommended)

Looking forward more works from you on other genres especially some humorous stories.

Wishing you a huge success in this avatar(writing).



Hello Mam,
Read ur book this weekend. It is a very nice book which describes the misery that the IITians face. What I found is that book is more for girls, which tells them how to get through their college life and survive it. U surely have completed the things Chetan missed in Five Point Someone, but ur this novel fails on a few accounts. It opens up more for girls leaving no trail for why boys should read it and it is full of love intrest of the patroganist i.e. Tanu. I accepted this novel to be more on the rat-race in IIT, but found something else.
Anyways ur writting is fresh and looking forward for ur another novel in the stores soon. U have surely given a power packed punch on this education system. Ah, yes one more thing it was nice to watch what girls think about boys! Hats off to u.
Thank U

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