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Parul Mittal (maiden name Parul Agarwal) is the author of a national bestseller novel “Heartbreaks & Dreams! – The Girls @ IIT”. Her second book “Arranged Love” captured the hearts of Indian youth. Let's Have Coffee is her third novel and promises to be a humorous and fun light read.

What people are saying

It is 215 pages of pure college memories. I didn’t have the heart to put it down. It covers the lives of four girlfriends Tanu, Divya, Charu and Puja. It’s the story of four very eager and enthusiastic freshers at IIT – Delhi. Tanu is the narrator of the book, so the whole story is told from her point of view ... read more


Hi Maa'm,

Read you novel in the weekend.

I have one comment and one question.

Comment:- The novel seemed to me more on Girlish kind.The story starts good..picks up but slows down in between ,when description of each semester starts,but pics up again after Divya's incident.the last 2 chapters were very good.Fitting finale to the story.

Questions: What ideally happened to champ? did he marry Piya ?.still some loose ends to tie.

In over all the work is very good.I liked to it.Waiting for your second novel.Please release it soon :)

Sailendra Kumar

Flipkart sent to me a signed copy of yur novel 'Heartbreaks and Dreams! Girls @ IIT'. Thank you so much.
You have also written that 'Looking forward to your comments'.
I am not a professional critic. I have retired from service now and I like reading light novels in which genre you and Chetan Bhagat fit.
I finished the novel yesterday. Eminently readable. Once you start, you have to finish it.
However, the novel is more about relationships. The ambience of IIT is missing. It could happen in DU or St. Xavier Mumbai or any such residential institution of repute.
But to repeat, an excellent read.
Keep up. and all the best for your new novel.
Incidentally in your introduction it is written that you like to listen to Hindi music. I am forwarding separately a collection of old Hindi songs which was sent to me by my friend. Hope you will like it.

Hi Parul,

My name is pavan.
Recently i read this book, it was good.

However, i am not sure whether this is real story or fiction.
If it is real can you please let me know, what happened to champ?
What happened to her organisation of ApproxAIR.


Hi i just finished reading your book and found it very interesting and funny. Keep writing such good books.
I'm an student of commerce stream,and hence we usually don't get the opportunity to experience the hostel life much as our colleges are hardly for 3-4 hours but through your novel i could get a close picture how would it be and in some ways it has increased my craving for hostel life after seeing the camaraderie between Tanu and her friends.


Dear Parul,

Yesterday finished reading your book “Heartbreaks & Dreams” in one sitting.
The narration, intricately woven characters and emotional turmoil are so deftly
dealt that it is spellbinding and impossible to leave the book even for short breaks.

The creative author in you has been so natural and honest that it took me back in
memory lane.

I earnestly wish and bless you to continue with creative urge with the same stark
originality and honesty to be a guide model to present and coming generations to
evolve a fine balance between professional responsibility and the feeble but nagging
urge of self attainment.

Accept the mantle of creating a compassionate generation to recreate the great India
for all by your future literary gems.

Carry on..

Rajiv Garg

It was great to read a novel written from the girl's perspective... I was in Kumaon Hostel, IIT Delhi from 1999-2003 and have to say that a lot of incidents/feelings in both 'Heartbreak and Dreams' and 'Five point someone' are what every IIT Delhi person can relate to... It does help to be from Kumaon too and I am sure both AKG and Rohit would agree with me.

Sarit Guha Thakurta - copied from

I passed out in late 1990s. 10-12 years back with the entry of DASA woman from South Asia - the sexiness quotient increased. Of course, they were in the junior batch but most of my batchmates did make an effort to hookup with them. But somehow I want to give perspective from guys side on this subject. First of all - I do not think we thought that woman were stupid in IIT. Of course, they were not. However, they were perceived to be studious and less fun-oriented. Somehow at the time when I was passing IIT - It was less around studying and more around doing all things one can experiment with. Well barring girls and sex - we did lot. Politics, elocution, music, RCA, GC, Hostel - fights, dramatics. At that time - inter-hostel rivalry was at its peak and so was our enthusiasm to bring GC, BRCA (these are trophies awarded to hostels based on all round performance in sports etc.). Few of the IIT Girls who seriously hooked with the IIT boys were called "Bhabhi Ji" by the other hostel boys

AKG .. copied from

It is really a awesome book, it has a lot to learn that what is love & what the pain will be when anybody break your heart

Comment by Rajib Baruah at flipgraph

Heartbreaks & Dreams- really a masterpiece

hii ma'am I am a student of IIT Jodhpur. I laid my hands on your book 3 days ago and it grew so interesting that i couldn't detach my self from it. it drew a very lively picture of campus life here at IIT which i could simply attach to. u have done a great job ma'am !!! while reading it never seemed to be a work of someone writing for the first time. i hv become a big fan of you and request to please continue writing

Vaibhav Singh
IIT Jodhpur

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