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Parul Mittal is an electrical engineer from IIT Delhi. She went on to get a master's in computer science from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and since then, has worked with various companies including IBM and Hughes. She also happens to be Chetan Bhagat’s classmate. “Ever since I read it [Five Point Someone] five years ago, I have been itching to get a girl’s perspective out to the masses,” she says.

Bhagat’s Five Point Someone sketches an IIT campus where there are no women students. But Parul has set that right. She takes us through four years on IIT Delhi campus spent by the protagonist Tanu and her batch-mates. This time, however, the view is from the other side of campus—from Kailash, the oldest women’s hostel in IIT Delhi.

Tanu arrives on campus with a JEE rank of 212 from small town Vadodara and meets the super cool Divya whose rank is 17 and is her classmate in the first year. Ragging by seniors, endless classes, exams, dumb charades and basket ball matches—the first semester is spent on a roller coaster of emotions.

Professors who wonder whether Tanu has strayed into the wrong building and the lab assistant who does not let her touch any of the equipment (lest she hurt herself), Parul covers it all. After an abysmal first semester and a resolve to leave IIT, Tanu overcomes the hurdles and decides to stay on any way. Crushes on seniors and the inter IIT sport events when the crushes bloom into actual relationships, add to the fun.

The story takes a turn for the better as the lovelorn girls decide to aim for the director’s gold medal, a seat in IIM Ahmedabad, a scholarship to UC Berkeley and a shot at starting something on their own. So as the four years come to a close, our gang members have had sex, engaged in French kissing and danced on the convocation hall rooftop, which seems a very daring thing to do given the parabolic hyperbola that it is.

I was transported back to my own undergraduate days at IIT Delhi. This is a book for all those who could never imagine that IITs had girls and all those girls who dared to stick it out through the gruelling IIT years despite all who thought they were wasting a precious seat meant for a boy.

Heartbreaks & Dreams! The Girls @ IIT
By Parul A. Mittal
Published by Srishti Publishers
Price Rs 100; pages 215


Would be interesting but

Would be interesting but small town "Vadodra". Then india has no cities I guess.

Parul Mittal (maiden name Parul Agarwal) is the author of a national bestseller novel “Heartbreaks & Dreams! – The Girls @ IIT”. Her second book “Arranged Love” captured the hearts of Indian youth. Let's Have Coffee is her third novel and promises to be a humorous and fun light read.

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