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The million dollar question, The Hindu, Feb 2013 Parul A. Mittal’s “Arranged Love” provides a humorous take on the differences underlying love and arranged marriages - Bidisha Mahanta, The Hindu
In a generation brought up on a cocktail mixture of eastern and western influences, love induces a warm mushy feeling, fuelled by 90’s hits like Wet Wet Wet’s “Love is All Around” (or for the more adventurous Aerosmith’s “Crazy”), sly dates over coffee, hair raising phone bills and the overwhelming fear of some aunt or uncle catching the love-birds red-handed which would obviously lead the Great Indian Joint Family to great shame.
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Read it if you are looking for a fun, racy, romantic, not cheesy and a light and breezy read. Highly Recommended!
The book is from the Chicklit genre, meant to be a light read and targeted towards the younger female generation. Not sure if men will like it very much but I really enjoyed the book because the plot even though very simple, has been executed very well. I loved Parul's style of writing, the banter and innuendo. Suhaani's dillemma is one that can be identified with easily and the characters are all very real. Even though the end is quite predictable, the means to get to the end has been very well penned down and that's what makes it such an entertaining and enjoyable read. Will make for a good watch too on the silver screen.....good script alert KJO!
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Crisp writing and easy-to-read instantly connecting language of the novel is a huge plus!
What would you do if you’re a desi girl living your dream in the land of promise – USA and found out that you’re losing your job before you’ve gotten it, you’re moving back to India leaving your extremely hot boyfriend and that you’re being betrothed to a guy you abhor, by your parents?
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Striking a chord with Gen Y, Vimal Chander Joshi, Jan 2, 2013, Deccan Herald Striking a chord with Gen Y, Vimal Chander Joshi, Jan 2, 2013, Deccan Herald
A day before addressing young executives at a famous consulting firm in Gurgaon, Parul A Mittal, author of Arranged Love, had received 75 responses on the topic – ‘the perfect soulmate’ – over emails from the employees of the firm. At the book-reading session which was held the following day, she gifted a few self-signed books to the ones who gave most interesting responses.
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Banter and innuendo make for a teasing, breezy read  - Review by Aditya Mani Jha, Sunday Guardian, Dec 2012 Banter and innuendo make for a teasing, breezy read - Review by Aditya Mani Jha, Sunday Guardian, Dec 2012
This isn't the unpredictable love story it posits itself as; quite the contrary. The snazzy, street-smart path to its predictable outcome is what makes the book work.
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Arranged Love sounds really different. Aren’t the two words actually misfits in the same phrase?
Yes, Arranged Love is almost like an oxymoron combining two contradictory words like “A Fine Mess” or “A Little Big”. It is precisely the reason why the tag line says “Can it get more complicated?” Yet, it is a complication that can hugely simplify life.
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Author interview on Techgoss, Dec 2012 Author interview on Techgoss By Resmi Jaimon
While IIT trained Chetan Bhagat is a household name, other IIT graduates have also won critical acclaim for the magic of their words. IIT alumnus Parul A Mittal has joined the ranks of successful techies who have written popular books.

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Is Love a big Mirage? Nov, 2012 “Is Love a big Mirage?Click here to read comments
Snapdeal ARRANGED Love contest - How to erase the traces of your love moments and avoid them on Facebook after the break-up! Nov, 2012 Participate in Snapdeal Arranged Love contest and tell us: How to erase the traces of your love moments and avoid them on Facebook after the break-up! Five best answers to get author signed copies of Arranged Love written by Parul A. Mittal:
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Are arranged marriages more successful - Myth or True? Nov, 2012 “Are arranged marriages more successful leading to fewer divorces compared to love marriages in India? Click here to read comments
  Is she beautiful or is he rich, is she adaptive or is he liberal?
There are too many parameters while deciding your soulmate.

Participate in our Arranged Love contest and tell us:
How do you know or what determines that someone is the Right girl/guy to marry? Winners will be announced on 30th Nov @ 12 noon.
Five best answers to get author signed copies of Arranged Love written by Parul A. Mittal:
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Author Chat on Penguin India Facebook Page, Nov 2012 “Author chat on Penguin FB page - on ARRANGED LOVE.
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  “Software professional Parul Mittal loves her job. But what she likes most is writing. She has more than 1,000 followers on her Facebook fan club page. All her fans admire Parul as an author and have commented on her first book — Heartbreaks and Dreams! the girls @ IIT — which got published last year." ... read more
  “After having read so many IIT & MBA based books I had decided to stay away from them when one fine day a mail landed in my mail box urging me to check this book out. I visited the author’s blog and there was something about the book (besides the price) that urged me to buy it" ... read more
Heartbreaks & Dreams! - Amazing Grace - by Natascha Shah - India Today Woman magazine, June 21,  2010 “This balance is something that 36-year-old Parul Mittal has already perfected. Not only did she work as a manager, engineering with Nextang, an e-commerce company, but also wrote a book, Heartbreak and Dreams, The Girls @ IIT describing her experiences at IIT, Delhi, and is a doting mother to Muskan, six, and Smiti, eight. ……” read more
  “Those were the days, my friend. We thought they would never end….. We would live the lives we choose……For we were young and sure to have our way ……”

As I read Parul Mittal’s Heartbreaks and Dreams on her college days at IIT, I can hear the words of this song, fill up the corridors of my mind, bringing with them the heady fragrance of yesterday.
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Heartbreaks & Dreams! in Metro Plus, The Hindu, 3rd June 2010 IT professionals finding a way with words is no longer breaking news but a girl's voice from IIT is. As the admission season begins, newspapers are full of pictures of girls in latest outfits queuing up for admission but we seldom find a picture of a band of boys rushing to enrol. Nobody tries to figure out why girls are still in minority in the premier institutes of the country and what happens to those who make the cut in the male bastion. Now, Parul Mittal has given the so-called nerdy girls a novel life through “Heartbreaks & Dreams – The Girls @ IIT”, brought out by Srishti. “When I was at IIT the ratio was really skewed in favour of the boys. Now I have heard things are changing,” says Parul who passed out from IIT Delhi in 1995. “Still, I always found it strange that the girl's point of view never found its way in the novels that were weaved around the IITs.” ... read more
  Bhagat’s Five Point Someone sketches an IIT campus where there are no women students. But Parul has set that right. She takes us through four years on IIT Delhi campus spent by the protagonist Tanu and her batch-mates. This time, however, the view is from the other side of campus—from Kailash, the oldest women’s hostel in IIT Delhi. ... read more
Summer of Pulp, Financial Express, 30 May 2010 A middle-class girl is pitted against her male counterparts in a battle that is dominated by brain rather than brawn. And it gets even worse as the skewed sex ratio in IIT, makes life difficult from the very first step she takes. In her journey she befriends Puja, Divya and Charu and goes through all the possible highs and lows —romantic liaison, heartbreaks, friendships, a tryst with the education system. ... read more
Heratbreaks & Dreams! - Coverage in Indian Exprerss Chennai, 17th May 2010 Pigtails are a thing of the 1980s. Even Rekha, the Bollywood actor who popularised this tad middle class-bubbly-prospective-romantic-girl stereotype in films, settled for more easy-on-the-eye hairstyles for her survival. In the 1990s, a woman wearing pigtails (at least in north India) would mean a protective, authoritative mother back home, who would use the overtly long, oiled strings of hair as a ward off charm for the men folk around.

So if you come across ex-IITian Parul A Mittal’s debut novel, Heart Breaks and Dreams, The Girls @IIT – with a woman in pigtails sharing a bench with a man on the cover, you would be curious to know whether Tanu, the protagonist in Mittal’s novel, manages to get an offer for a ride on a batch mate’s motor bike, or a movie date at least — a few pages down. ... read more

A woman's view of IIT Mail Today 14 May 2010

लड़कियों के संघर्ष को बयां करती एक किताब -  भास्कर न्यूज

Books, Dreams & More - In Conversation With Parul Mittal on

My four years of stay at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was the inspiration behind this book. IITs as many may already know have very few girls. The sex ratio was a dismal 4% back in 90s when I went there. The girl's hostel was at one extreme end of the campus, few kilometers away from the boys' hostels, flanked by faculty houses on all sides. I had only one other girl in my department and only one senior girl in the three batches above me. I still remember the first exam results. I had scored 1 on 20 in Math. After having scored 100% in 12th board in Math - this was a rather confidence shattering experience. ... read more

Parul Mittal (maiden name Parul Agarwal) is the author of a national bestseller novel “Heartbreaks & Dreams! – The Girls @ IIT”. Her second book “Arranged Love” captured the hearts of Indian youth. Let's Have Coffee is her third novel and promises to be a humorous and fun light read.

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